Thursday, April 5, 2012

U 4/5 Pre Season

This is the first year Revelstoke is running a U4/5 program.  The basic premise of the program is players come with their parents and play soccer in a somewhat structured environment.
Just some reminders for coaches (and parents- coaches please pass along at first meeting).  Players should come dressed in athletic clothing/uniform, shin guards with socks on top and cleats.  Hats and sunscreen if necessary (not the coaches job to be sunscreening kids, players need to come prepared...that being said it is a good thing to have in your soccer kit bag incase a parent forgets and then you have a lender....also good to have an extra water in there!).  Remind parents to feed kids a good healthy snack prior to arrival at the field and that kids should go to the bathroom before soccer starts if at all possible.  Each player needs to have their own water bottle available to them and it is important as coaches to remind them to drink from it.
There are no formal games at this level, there will be scrimmages and we will try getting a game field going later on in the season and rotate through.  Parents are expected to participate with their kids.  Some drills they will be the cheer leader, some they will be playing.  Whatever the situation, a parent/guardian/babysitter etc... must be present (bathroom, snack, kid on strike etc...).  Remind parents that kids may not be into it 100% all the time and that is okay.  Encourage kids to participate, but if it's not happening it's okay to take a break and rejoin the group when ready.
The players will be going through a series of agility and technique drills to develop basic movement skills and basic soccer skills.  These will be delivered in a fun game type setting.  Get ready for some funny theme days and most of all to have fun!  

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