Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coaching Clinic rescheduled

Active Start Clinic U4/5/6 (put on by BC soccer, facilitated by David Broadhurst, head coach Vernon Whitecaps)
confirmed for Monday April 23 5-8:30 at Mountain View.  You will receive certification for this course as well as a wealth of information & access to online drills, video and theory.  This will be the only U4/5/6 specific clinic held at this time.  Be ready to participate outside.

U8 clinic is now on April 19th Thursday, 6-8pm at Mountain View.  This clinic would be appropriate for the U6 age group if you absolutely can not attend Monday's clinic.  Drills done at this clinic can be used at a variety of age groups.  I will have a different focus skill than the U10/13 clinic that I did on Monday for those who are choosing to attend both clinics.

Monday April 16   6-8pm Mountain View School     **U10 & U13 coaches**
Thursday April 19  6-8pm Mountain View School    **U4/5 coaches**  NOW ACTIVE START CLINIC ON MONDAY APRIL 23
Monday April 23 6-8pm Mountain View School       **U6 & U8 coaches**  RESCHEDULED FOR APRIL 19 6-8 AT MOUNTAIN VIEW

Bring both outdoor and indoor clothing & footwear, something to write with and on AND a soccer ball for yourself!  We will be outside if at all possible.  As soon as I know when the BC Soccer Active Start Clinic and Grassroots Clinics are I will let you know.

Focus will be on role of the coach and a wee bit of background and theory on your age group.  Structure of practices.  How to use the new agility training equipment and how to run an agility session as part of your practice.  Drills for the tool box, from basic to more advanced.  How to advance a basic drill. How the season will look etc...  See you either on the field or in the gym.  If I'm not out on the field with stuff already set up, head to the gym!

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