Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Preseason Preparation!

Hello coaches!  Welcome too the von Bremen soccer blog.  It's purpose is to help you prepare for the season and to prepare your practice plans.  RYSA is trying to cut down on paper waste and therefore things like the schedule, the newsletter and also some pre-practice communication are all going to be found on the RYSA website and this blog!

I am super excited about the changes RYSA is making this season and really happy to be a part of it.  Soccer has long been a passion of mine, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the game with you and your players!  I started playing formal league soccer when I was seven but played hours and hours prior to that in our house and backyard with both family members and neighbours.  I started coaching when I was 15, and have since pursued an Education degree majoring in Physical Education.  I had many a field hockey coach try to convince me to stop playing soccer and focus on field hockey but I couldn't give up what I loved!  And now I am here to help you and share my passion of the game!  So let's get started and have some serious fun....goal number one always...have fun!

In your coaches package you will receive a schedule of when I will be working with you and your teams. This schedule was made on the premise that all fields are good to go from the day league starts....well this is Revelstoke and we know fields are often not good to go, so we will have to work through that and I'll do my best to be at as many practices as possible.  My hope is that by the end of the season everyone will be comfortable running a 45minute to 1 hour practice on their own....that's goal number two!  You will also receive information on fair play, I can not stress enough how important this information is.  I will post more information on this for parents as well, that you can direct them to.  We are all role models to these kids, so goal number three is to uphold the fair play policy 100% by coaches, athletes and parents!

I would also like all of you to try and form a parent & player management plan.  I am hoping that you all will  have a quick parent player meeting after your first game or practice to lay out your expectations for the season and perhaps enlist some of the keener parents to help you with basic tasks.  Some examples of expectations: arriving on time with snack in stomach so players can perform at their best.  Shin guards with socks overtop and cleats on and in athletic clothing/uniforms.  Parents should watch from the opposite sideline that you are coaching from during games....have a parent to manage subs, they sit in a designated area.  Water at games and practices in a water bottle is mandatory!  Cheer for all the kids not just your own and that only you the coach should be providing technical advice (or it is very confusing for players).  Stress the importance of fair play and having fun!  Maybe something on your coaching philosophy?  I'm sure you will have a few more things to add.

I will be running some coaching clinics that are age appropriate, stay tuned for dates and times.  Looking forward to working with you all!
Kendra von Bremen

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