Sunday, October 6, 2013

U4/5 Fall Soccer: Week 5

Focus: Attacking and defending

It could be cool on Tuesday so ensure that players are properly dressed and keep moving.

Focus: defending and attacking

Defending coaching points
Defender's stance:
Defender's feet should be about a shoulder width apart, legs should be slightly bent, stay on toes so you can react to any sudden changes of direction by the attacker.

-keep ball close
-attack with speed

Warm up 

15x15 grid
Half the players are given a pinnie to tuck into the back of their shorts as a tail. Coach shouts “Go!” players without a tail attempt to grab a tail from the players with one. Once players get a tail they must now avoid having it taken.  Get parents to play if you need more people.

Blob Tag
You may want to start game without any balls and then transition into having the nonblobs dribblingin grid. You can break the blob whenever you feel necessary.

Shark Attack.
20 x 20 grid. Mark each corner with different colored cones. Players dribbling in grid, coaches or players tries to win ball from fish. Toe touches or storks if shark attack is successful. To give players an opportunity to work on their offensive skills, when coach yells a specific color players must dribble to that colored corner trying to get past sharks. 

Chain soccer
move from 1v1 to adding players, so have another number go and help OR get them coming out in 2's or 3's etc...

1 v 1 attack
two goals, have half team on each side line, when you call their names they go and challenge a ball that you roll in, each team having a goal they need to score on

Small sided game focusing on attacking and defending.

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