Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soccer Patches

Last week of fall soccer
To celebrate the end of the fall season and to recognize the efforts and skills of players
we have a selection of patches to give to players at the end of the session.

Blue/Yellow: each student will receive one to recognize their participation in the fall program.
Lightning Bolt: The bolt with three different parts represents defence, midfield and offence. This patch goes to a good all around player with good teamwork skills.
A: Player displaying good effort.
D: Player with strong defensive skills
Metallic Gold Star: The golden player, one who is always on time and helps out (without being asked).
Red Star: The player with the most heart (determination, courage, bravery).
Happy Face: The player who has a great attitude and makes the practice enjoyable for all.

You may want to think about who would be a worthy recipient of each patch prior to the last session.
Patches are in the equipment room.

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