Saturday, October 12, 2013

U 6/7/8 Week 6 Fall soccer

Last week of fall soccer
To celebrate the end of the fall season and to recognize the efforts and skills of players
we have a selection of patches to give to players at the end of the session.

Blue/Yellow: each student will receive one to recognize their participation in the fall program.
Lightning Bolt: The bolt with three different parts represents defence, midfield and offence. This patch goes to a good all around player with good teamwork skills.
A: Player displaying good effort.
D: Player with strong defensive skills
Metallic Gold Star: The golden player, one who is always on time and helps out (without being asked).
Red Star: The player with the most heart (determination, courage, bravery).
Happy Face: The player who has a great attitude and makes the practice enjoyable for all.

You may want to think about who would be a worthy recipient of each patch prior to the last session.
Patches are in the equipment room.

Goaltending and Review

Warm Up: 
Players in grid with a ball each. Have each player do a series of activities with ball such as bounce ball then catch, throw ball into air and catch, roll ball through another's legs and retrieve, kick ball into air and catch. 
Introduce goaltending skills such as ones shown below. Players practice in partners. You may want to focus on only a couple such as ready position, locking the box and catching grips. Use your imagination to make it fun and effective.

Ready position
Bowling technique and scooping and locking the box
Catching Grips
 Punting technique

A fun game where players get the idea of rolling and throwing the ball and picking it up (work on scooping up technique ensuring the legs aren't to far apart that ball and go through them)
-20x30 yard grid with 8 arches inside.

- players in partners. They see how many arches they can roll through and catch within a certain period of time. They must go to a different arch after each throw.
-may not run with ball
-no tackling only interceptions
-3 secs with ball before must move it

Or ...Musical Balls/Coach says
In a 15x15 grid.  Spread balls around.  Coach says running around grid, shuffle, etc... when coach says ready position all players show appropriate ready position.  When coach says ball, all players jump/dive on a ball, last person on a ball gives their ball to coach or just play with all balls....or anyone who doesn't get a ball does 5 jumping jacks, toe taps, catches etc...  Throw in whatever fun commands you like.
You may want to try this game. It may be challenging for the younger players.
Play a game of ultimate practicing catching and throwing skills. 
30 X 40 m grid. Two teams, one ball. Teams try to get ball over opposition's end line. The ball can only be moved by throwing and catching ball to teammate. Change in possession if ball is not caught or intercepted. Defenders must be 2 meters away. You gain a point by having a teammate catch the ball over opposition's end line. You may want to introduce a second ball to keep players engaged. 
This link explains a similar game. 

Choose one or more of your favourite activities from the previous weeks.
How about ending session with a parents vs players game? 

At end of session review quickly review all the skills you have worked on this fall: dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, attacking and goaltending. 
Give out patches and T-shirts.
We may have pizza to offer players as well. 

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