Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Soccer: Week 1 U6/7/8

Focus skill:  dribbling

*Don't forget to demo the drills and the skills!

Warm up:  3 zone game

Game:  play 4 goal soccer, two teams, the goal is to attack and dribble through the goals in order to score.  Each team can score on any of the goals.  Make sure you as the coach has a good stock of balls. You might have to put some stipulations on such as complete 3 passes before you score etc...

Skill practice:
Review what good dribbling looks like and how it differs depending on if their are defenders or not

Dribble Grid or Square Dance
-have them work on pulls, toe taps/storks, attack the space, stop, turn, go around a cone on the outside etc...

In grid either play British Bull Dog style where group dribbles from one side of grid to other and if Shark gets your ball you become a shark....or Destroyer style, where if you get knocked out by coach you do 6 toe taps etc...and then rejoin the game...or both

Red Light, Green Light with variations

Numbers Game

Game:  regular scrimmage style game, two goals, two teams, regular rules, small sized for 10-15 minutes.  Coach attacking space with the ball or dribbling.

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