Sunday, April 28, 2013

U6 - May 1

Don't forget to:
Introduce yourself and get to know players names.
Review player code of conduct (remind about equipment & jewellery & fair play)
You will practice until 5:40 when the horn will go and you will then play your game.
Don't forget to give lots of water breaks.
Don't feel you have to get through all the drills!

Theme/Focus:  Dribbling (and fun)

Warm up/Agility - Donkey tails
15x15 grid
Half the players are given a pinni to tuck into the back of their shorts as a tail. Coach shouts “Go!” players without a tail attempt to grab a tail from the players with one. Once players get a tail they must now avoid having it taken.  Get parents to play if you need more people.

Optional Quick scrimmage with just own team (review rules: when it goes out it is the other teams ball, throw ins (all the way behind  head, throw the way you are facing, feet must stay on the ground, use two hands) and goal kicks etc)
Dribble Grid/Square Dance (review that when dribbling with defenders keep the ball close with lots of touches) get them using all parts of their feet including the sole to roll it back and forth, toe taps (storks), stopping and turning etc..

Shark (where if they have their ball taken away by you they become a shark with you) play it British Bull dog style where all the fish have to get to the reef on the other side without the shark getting their ball...if you the shark gets their ball then they become a shark with you.  Fish swim when the sharks call out SHARK!!


Indy 500/Race track
Focus - Ball Literacy
Players start from “Pit row” with parents. Player starts by exiting the pits and dribbling the ball in a clockwise direction around the track following their parent. If the ball exits the track they must make 3 toe taps on the ball to restart the engine. Parent and player can switch roles with child following parents. Encourage players to make “Vroom! Vroom!” car sounds while driving!
Easier – run the track first with no balls. Easier – layers carry ball in hands and run around track Harder – Have players drive the truck on their own. Harder – Switch directions and have drivers go counter-clockwise. Harder – Change direction before completing circuit on coaches’ command

Optional if you need more....
Numbers Game
Focus – Small Sided Game 
Set up a small grid, depending on number of players. Separate players into 2 teams on either side of goal. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player on each team must race around the cones into the field where a ball is placed. Players must attempt to score on their opponent’s goal while defending their own. Encourage celebrations after a goal!
Easier: have them just run it as a race with a ball in their hand and have them throw the ball in goal Easier (U4): Put two balls so each can score goals Harder (U6) – Increase number of players to 2 or 3 to encourage teamwork (grid size may need to increase to accommodate this.)

Horn for matches.
Don't forget to cheer and shake hands post game!

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