Tuesday, April 30, 2013

U10 & U13 practice plans for practice #2

***Make sure your balls are pumped up!!!  They should be pretty firm.

Theme/focus skill:  passing

Passing cues:
-strike ball with side of the foot with firm ankle
-planting foot next to the ball pointing at target
-nice follow through with open hips
(athletic stance...on balls of feet)

(talk about appropriate weight of pass, follow through and what happens when planting foot is behind ball)

Really have them work on opening up for the pass as they receive it so that they can see more of the field of play...this can be coached throughout.  Often this requires the ball going across their body as they open up.

Warm up:  5-10min
15x15 grid
-donkey tails for a few minutes give 2/3 of group pinnies to make tails hanging out of shorts.  People that don't have tails chase trying to get a tail, which they then put in their shorts.
-pairs passing in grid, pass and then do dynamic stretches for 3 or 4 count and then receive the ball back (dribbling around while waiting for partner) while other partner does dynamic stretches for 3 or 4 count.  Also work on calling.  Move to passing and then cutting around a cone on the outside of grid and then receiving pass from partner.  Work on change of pace and nice firm passes around grid.  (Work on both feet!!)

Agility:  5 min especially if you didn't play donkey tails

Game: 10min Either four goals or two end zones that you have to complete a pass to score a point

Activities/Skill session:  20-25min

Gates/Arches Drills:
Put up 4/5 arches or gates in your grid.
start with this: do two touch and one touch
move to this:
In pairs, playing follow the leader, person without ball is in front but twisting and turning making their pair dribble following them (must stay within 4 feet of each other), coach shouts gates or passing:  two touch and an odd number 5, 7, 9, 11 etc...so automatic switches....when command given the pairs must find a gate/arch and do two touch passes to the number, move to one touch.  Can play that when you say passes they must find a different arch each time and complete as many passes in the allotted time as possible.
move to:
see how many passes through gates in one minute, different goal each time

(move quickly through this series if they are getting it and doing a good job)

Passing under pressure.  15x15 grid, one player at each corner, one offence and defence in the middle, the offensive player must receive and play a pass to each player on the outside while keeping from being intercepted b defender, as in video but all service is on the ground.
need to take it back a notch, play 3v1 in a grid, if D gets ball, then two of their team mates come in and play 3 v 1 against the other D, or play 4v1 continuous, where if D intercepts or gets the ball they pass to their team mates in the other grid or the coach plays ball into grid two for that D's team mates to play and one of the opposing team comes in as the defender, always switching the defender.  Goal of game is to maintain possession!
need even more basic:
passing around square working on opening up and good first touch play where players are on outside of cones in grid, the cones being defenders...gradually add a live defender and move inside the square.

Sick of Garry White yet?? ;)

Passing & Support – Square to Sqaure  (this is the drill we did at the end of the session that Rory and I put on....a bit more advanced but an excellent drill!

Set-up area 20x10m as shown.
Divide players into groups of four.
One group in possession against one opponent in one 10x10m square.
One square vacant to begin with.
Coaching Points:
Accurate passes with good ball speed.
Open your body to the play when receiving a pass.
Support in triangles – wide and deep.
Don’t support too close to the ball. Remember: distance = time.
1. Two groups compete against one another as follows: Four red players v 1 white player in a one square, with three white players resting outside the square at the halfway line. The coach serves the ball to the red team and they must make at least three passes after which they can pass the ball into the next square for one of the group to run onto. If successful all four red players move into the next square and, again try to get at least three passes and play back into the original square. If the red team is successful the defending white player steps out and a new defender enters the next square attempting to win the ball. If the red team should pass the ball out of bounds, or the defender wins the ball, the coach serves the next ball into the other square to the white players and one of the reds becomes a defender, while the other rest outside the area. Every successful movement from one square to the next = 1 point. First team to 10 points is the winner.
Progression: As above but 3v1 in one square, with fourth player in other square. Switch squares with a pass to the fourth player.

Game:  focus on passing and coach passing in the intersquad scrimmage.  Two goals, two teams, regular rules of soccer

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