Sunday, April 28, 2013

First practice reminders

Just some reminders about your first practice:
-introduce yourself
-get to know everyone's name
-remind players and parents of the code of conduct and fair play including issues around equipment and jewelery
-use the scrimmage at the end to review some of the rules around the kick off (it must go forward) and throw ins:  two feet on the ground, all the way behind your head, must throw the way you're facing, use both hands equally to throw the ball in

Running a session:
1) Get their full attention
2) Do a quick demonstration
3) Get them playing

To access Byte Sized Soccer Curriculum
Username: revelstoke
Password: coach

***Remind parents of U8, U10 & U13's that at games they must sit on the opposite sideline from where you and the opposing team are doing substitutions and that they are to cheer for all players not just their child AND finally parents are not to give technical advice only you the coach is!

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